Acupunture for Losing Weight

With the modern trend of more eating and less moving , causing most people becoming overweight. Not only it make us look fat , it also effecting our physical health, it ruining our organs that can lead to all sort of problems such as heart attack, stroke, knee problem, problem in breathing , etc.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we see overweight as excess dampness and weak digestive system that aren’t able to digest the food transforming it to nutrition and energy causing in exceeding dampness that blocking our energy and blood circulation, that lead to disturbing the fucntion of our internal organs like gastric, intestine, heart, lung ,etc.

With acupuncture, we are putting the needles on targetted acupoint to strengthen the digestive system , removing the dampness, increasing the metabolism that is able to burn the exceeding fat, and increasing our organs function.

We have our special programme call ” Wonder Woman Optimizer Programme” that can make you lost weight easilly , but also focusing on optimizing your body , and get the nice body that you want .

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