Hard to lose weight

Many people having a trouble of losing weight despite they are limiting their diet crazily, exercise ,etc.

In losing weight , we need to burn the exceeding fat, and activate the muscle. These mechanism requiring we have a strong organs and regulate hormones to function well. And when those mechanism have problem , you’ll have a trouble getting rid of the weight. Our digestive system is our metabolism mechanism that needs to absorb the nutrition from our food and digest the exceeding food become feces, but if you’ve got too many food to digest , it can make your digestive system overwork and weak,that will piling up fats in your body. We need hormones as the stimulator for our metabolism as well , when your hormone is lacking or exceeding it will ruining the metabolism process , that causing you to become fat too.

Losing weight needs to be combine with controlled diet, not starving yourself, but having balance diet that filled with nutrition . And also with regular exercise that not only helps to burn the fat but also to build the muscle as well. When these are combine then you’ll get the effect of weight lost.

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